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Crowns and bridges are a fixed way to missing or broken teeth. This restorative process uses prosthetic gadgets to go back your smile to its herbal country. A crown is used when the tooth structure is damaged or fractured. A bridge is used when one or more teeth are missing.

What is a crown?

A crown is basically a synthetic teeth. It’s usually made of porcelain or ceramic that may be coloration and texture-matched for your present tooth. A crown also can be manufactured from gold alloys for progressed power while changing a back teeth. Often a metallic crown will have porcelain bonded to the outdoors to give it power and a natural look.

How is a crown fitted?

Crowns are used when an existing tooth is damaged, fractured or weakened. The teeth is filed down and reshaped into a smaller length. Any decay is eliminated and the tooth shape is restored to support the crown. The crown suits like a cap over the newly shaped teeth and is cemented into function.

What is a bridge?

A bridge is a prosthetic equipment that replaces lacking tooth. Bridges are generally made of porcelain fused to metal which will acquire each strength and a natural appearance.

How is a bridge fitted?

A bridge consists of false teeth rigidly attached between crowns. The tooth on both aspect of the space are organized for those crowns and the bridge is cemented into vicinity. In some cases, it’s feasible to use implants to update the lacking teeth rather than the use of the present tooth. Once a bridge is cemented into position, it seems and works similar to natural teeth.

How long will a bridge or crown last?

How long your crown and bridge lasts relies upon at the effectiveness and regularity of your dental hygiene habitual. As a general rule, they last between 7-15 years but longer duration are surely possible with exceptional oral hygiene and normal dental check-ups.